“What Can I Do with a Major in…?”

My major is Intergrated Marketing Communications; this is marketing with a focus in adverstising and public relations. I later hope to work in the field of advertising and public relations and work my way up to becoming a brand manager. To become a brand manager means I will be given the responsibility of managing and overseeing the promotion, sales, and overall image of the brand. I will be required to stay up-to-date with the wants and needs of the industry in which I work and know my market inside and out. My job will allow me to control every angle of the brand, from sale strategies to campaigns and production. The ultimate fate of the brands’ success or failure will be in my hands.

In the field of adverstising and public relations fall many different job descriptions such as:

Advertising Media Planner: An advertising media planner is responsible for the delievery of the advertising message to consumers. This person has to determine the right medium to convey the message; whether it be television, radio, magazine etc. or a combination of them all. 

Copywriter/Illustrator/Creative: This focus puts the person in charge of the writing and illustrating part of advertising. They are required to write, copy, draw ad storyboards, design headlines and design body copy. 

Media Traffic: This personnel is required to select the best space and time in a particular form of media to use in the advertising campaign. They are responsible for being knowledgeable of the particualr demographic in which the form of medium selected will reach, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of using this particular form of medium.

Production Manager: This department is responsible for the actual physical creation of the ad. They must ensure the successful creation of the ad, and maitain good relationships with advertising producers. 

Account Executive: The account executive is responsible for the overall account. This personnel is requried to understand the needs of the customer, whilst coordinating production, creating and implementing the campaign.

Public Relations Specialist: A public relations specialist is responsbile for maintaing the public’s attitude towards the brand and ensuring the best possible publicity. 

Director of Advertising and/or Public Relations: The directors of public relations and/or adveristing are responsible for the entire campaign, except sales. They control the planning, coordinating creation, production process, and budgeting. 

Marketing Organizations

New York Marketing Assosciation (NYAMA):

“The NYAMA raises the profile of marketing and marketers.  We prepare marketers to thrive in new roles, develop expertise and grow new capabilities.  We are advocates for breakthroughs in all aspects of marketing.” 

Sales & Marketing Executives Internetional (SMEI):

“Sales & Marketing Executives International is the worldwide organization dedicated to ethical standards, continuing professional development, knowledge sharing, mentoring students and advancing free enterprise.”


Of all the various career paths, being  the director of adveristing and public relations appeals to me the most. I love delegating and working with a team of people in order to finalize a successful task. Being surrounded by creative people, and energy inspires and motivates me; it is the ideal environment I would want to work in. 



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