Re: Discourse Communities and Communities of Practice

The artice “Dicourse Communities and Communities of Practice by Ann. M Johns provides a better insight of what a discourse community is. She argues how hard it is to belong to more than one discourse community due to differing resources such as money as well as the other issues which may emanate.  By cause of the large amount of people which belong to a particular discourse community, despite the shared  goals; it is almost inevitable for many conflicting opinons and issues to get in the way of the equable running of the group. Jonhns implies that it may be useful to invite a third party to mediate and offer an outside opinion.

Belonging to a discourse community may force a person to change many things that make them who they are in order to have a smooth running discource. By doing so, a person may have to change the ways in which they communicate, their values and even their identity as a whole.

Everyone has their own set of ideals, and if belonging to a discource community is what appeals to someone then so be it. However, participating in a group which does not freely allow me to express and be my true self does not appeal to me.


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