Research Proposal

1. Research Question/ What do you want to know?

– I want to know when it was that advertisers and other organizations chose to begin using subliminal messaging. Why do they need to use mind control in order to gain customers and not just find a way to gain them the honest way? Can subliminal messaging truly persuade people without them knowing? or do you have to have a specific mind set? Is it used today? Is there any way that the FCC can ensure that it is not used at all in todays day and age?  In what way is the brain affected that it can persuade a consumer to want to purchase a particular product?

2. What do you already know about this subject?

– I do not know much on the topic, but I have always found it as a topic of interest and will enjoy researching more on it.

3. What do you need to know more about?/ What research will you need to perform in order to answer this question?

– I need to know more about how the brain works. How and what parts of the brain are affected and just how we react to certain messages. What causes us to react in the way we do based on the type/form of subliminal messaging presented. What other ways has this form of persuasion been used? Has it been used for any negative purposes? Are there any known uses of subliminal messaging in the government?

– In order to answer these questions I will interview media and marketing professors to get a scholarly point of view on the topic. I will research the psychological portion of it to become informed on how the brain is affected. I will research the legal aspect as well to get a better understanding of pervious cases in which people were affected by it and called for action; as well as the legal stance taken.

4. What citation style will you be using? (APA,MLA, etc.)?

– I will be using MLA

5. Why does your question matter?

-My question matters because it is something that can seriously be used against us. If we are not aware that such a thing can and does exist then it is even easier to get sucked into their tactic which is only working in the favor of the organization/company using this method. People should have the free will to choose whether or not they are interested in investing in a particular product and should have no forced influence from the company what so ever.




2 thoughts on “Research Proposal

  1. Interesting topic, a combination of business practices and psychological impacts. You asked a bunch of different questions, though, so I would say to just remember to put it into one main research question that will lead the focus of your paper.

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